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 A  time when  encouraging local businesses made perfect sense.




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Adjective : That astonishes and surprises by its unaccustomed character

Our story began in the midst of the pandemic, a time when wine was consumed in confinement, in the different areas of Quebec, changing from yellow to orange and even to red, almost forming a rainbow. It was a time when encouraging local businesses made sense.


Alcohol is the ultimate social lubricant, even remotely! The Insolites agency came to fruition during this strange period. It is our desire to bring people together through good wines and spirits that prompted the project. Les Insolites is more than an agency, it is a community of hedonists and enthusiasts.


Our common goal is to offer products that reflect our values: consuming better, protecting the environment, fighting against waste and, of course, sharing. Therefore, it is in an unusual way that we offer you alcoholic beverages based on your lifestyle.


Whether you're a student, a sports fan, an epicurean or a professional, we have bottles that will enhance your daily activities while staying in tune with your core values. The fundamentals of this project are based on our love of wine and spirits. They reflect our values, the very ones that guide and motivate our actions. After assessing the industry and the current context, we decided to offer a different and simplified shopping experience.

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Justin verre_.jpg


This is Justin! He's the artist of the bunch. He's in charge of finding bottles of precious liquid from all over the world.

You Go  portrait_.jpg


This is Hugo, the event management guy. His objective? Strike the imagination and create unforgettable moments.

Francis portrait 2-5.jpg


Francis is the pragmatist one. He is in the action, in the practical. He develops projects.


The circle represents unity. At Les Insolites, we bring people together and surround them with good products. The circle is also found in the logo since it is linked to nature as many natural elements have this shape: the planets and certain fruits, for example.


The hand sign signifies the quality of the products offered by the agency. The three fingers on the left represent the three heads behind the Insolites.

The drop represents the product that is at the heart of everything. It's a way to illustrate the agency's uniqueness through the variety of products we offer, which are not just wines.

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Sans titre-2.png
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Are you a distillery or winery? You would like to increase your digital and on-the-field strengths? Whatever your vision or your project, our team can develop an out of the ordinary strategy to promote your products and your craft on the Quebec market.


Phone: 581-305-4743

Address: 5500 rue Hochelaga Suite 650,

Montreal, QC,  H1N 3L7


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